Explore our Districts

Mother District #1: http://www.dopdistrict1.com

Areas: Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia and Pensacola, Florida

Citrus District #2: https://dopd2.com/

Areas: Florida and Bahamas

Capital District #3

Areas: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC

Power District #4: https://ahepapowerdistrict4.com/

Areas: Pennsylvania

Garden District #5: http://www.dopdistrict5.org/

Areas: New Jersey and Delaware

Empire District #6: http://dopdistrict6.com/

Areas: New York

Yankee District #7: http://www.ahepad7.org

Areas: Connecticut and Rhode Island

Bay State District #8: http://baystateahepa.org

Areas: Massachusetts

Northern New England District #9: no website listed

Areas: Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

Automotive District #10: http://www.ahepadistrict10.org

Areas: Michigan

Buckeye District #11: https://www.buckeyedistrict11.org

Areas: Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky

Hoosier District #12: http://www.ahepa-12.org

Areas: Indiana

Blue Ribbon District #13: http://www.AHEPAd13.org

Areas: Wisconsin and Illinois

Grainfield District #14: http://ahepad14.webs.com/

Areas: North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska & Iowa

Delta District #16: http://www.ahepad16.org/

Areas: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas City

Rocky Mountain District #17: http://ahepa17.org/DOP.htm

Areas: Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho

El Camino Real District #20: http://www.dopdistrict20.org/

Areas: Southern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada

Golden Gate District #21: http://www.Dop21.org

Areas: Northern California and Reno, Nevada

Firwood District #22: http://www.ahepa22.com

Areas: Oregon and Washington

Beaver District #23: http://dopdistrict23.ca/

Areas: Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia

Royal Canadian District #24: http://www.ahepacanada.org

Areas: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

District #26: http://www.ahepacanada.org

Areas: British Columbia

District #27: https://ahepacyprus.org/

Areas: Cyprus

Daughters of Penelope in Greece: http://www.ahepahellas.gr

Daughters of Penelope in Europe: http://www.daughtersofpenelopeeurope.com/

Areas: Stuttgart, Germany, Bad Kissingen, Germany, Paris, France, Lyon, France, Brussels, Belgium, London, UK, Vienna, Austria

Daughters of Penelope in Australia

Areas: Melbourne, Australia

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